Here are some reviews of "Where The Wild Things Are" that came from various overseas zines. (note that some of the grammer gets lost in translation to English...each of these reviews is being posted as they were sent to

“Where The Wild Things Are” it does chronicle this explosive, the sexually-loaded ripening of the band of punk – TheGrinders register with 10 times more depth and the variation I have heard before. The cd are a notably beautiful album, reinforced by the undeniable talents of singer/composer Todd Dentico and songs as "frakeout” (desmadre). An cd gigantic and magnificent as hell. It is the perfect soundtrack to its next party, to kegger, or to drunkfest disarranged – (Gallo Revista!)

“Hairy, hellacious, and atrocious, the Grinders play rock'N'rolls the way that thinks it if you grew in a house of the crack and was weaned in a constant diet of herb of alcoholic beverage of Ramones and Thin Lizzy. The hands with horns greet!” – (Potere Punk)

“This top CD comes jam packed with glowing melodies and has chilling guitar solos that sends ominous tremblings downward your spine as you raise to dance on the sofa and the shriek is "Grinders Govern!" (I just dance on the floor thanks but they aregreat -ed ). The reaction is positive and well we think these guys should carry on their lovely big shiny rock sound and then the sheep will come to run. Grinderiffic!!” - (Rock Maître Revue)

“Hurrying in the action then, the Grinders have to the powerful and sonic, with fast hymns of the rock. This noisy and up the rhythm band combines the tendencies of the riff retro guitar, striking drums and curious melodic new vocal. The voice of the singer is in its unordinary - the full music behind him does a pleasant bunch of something I would not obtain drunk if someone to put in my car. Also, once I tuned in the lyrics I realized how marvelously strange they obtain. This great songs takes us in a trip through rock and classical indie - they rock and they support again! The guitars are pleasant, dirty and blurry and they scream along with the director. The chorus stalls in the head and recalls us of some moments of rockmetal but the conductors of Grinders have its own powerful sound that is thickness and causes want to parted hard in a very decadent way. The band has revealed details about itself to we, but I do not think that you want to found to these types in a dark alley but plays its very STRONG registrations. We think is brilliant!” - (Meza Hardpunk)

“10 tracks deep of ‘Todd Dentico’ handling the double work of guitar and singing, supported by a thunder section of the rhythm that kicks the back again and again. It shouts the screamin of motors, the governs to collide alive of a car, to hurry in curves to hammer the diversions! How can it strike three manboys this snotty and to excrete the sound that do? It is very powerful and delicious to hear - the ears will not be the same thing. Take 2 harder parts stone and 1 part pornography soundtrack and combination well with drugs!” - (C???? ?? M?????)

“Uuuh yeah! Forward into the rock! Ah, these ‘Grinders’ those can seize you also directly. Desires at the lips read off and in such a way! The creators of the album "Where The Wild Things Are" are tanned in many battles, punk, rock hard as metal. 10 disruptive songs of the speed and feel that explodes for the barriers! Another on the first cyclone to grind, and to employ vocal, blastguitar and rhythm but complexes work. Very in their face. This album will destroy the head if you want this, you should treat. Great material and impressive musician work!” – (Eetmuziek Magazine)

“There are walls of the reaction, screaming decadent guitars, powerful, vocal, and hard drums here that does the need of listener to jump up and down and the party harshly all the night. The bullet is a 3 piece rock band of Rochester, New York. They are proposed to do the blow you far away the music and they have succeeded marvelously. They combine the elements of the stoner, the country and the melancholy to create a great sound that themselves full of energy and chaos. The cd would be perfect for a scene in a movie for sex and would be sinister at same time that is rocktastic. The stones of bullet!” – (Mocoso Reyes!)

“The late CD they are an incredibly powerfull and to be exact, full album of the rawenergy and amazingly good songs. The couldnçt of the band is in a better form, and the inclinations that maintains that they showed in its prior liberation “Between Ape and Man”. Although this it be not finger that utilizes the material, they have a totally rhythmic effect where was totally hooked during this disk. All around me has just disappeared and I was transferred and in nothing more….for a Cd to do that in me, about much it has listened so - a lot more the music!! The songs are all briefly greatest and contains direct frantic pounding with the grinding basslines and crazy director confining of all directions – searing to screaming, to growl, to shout, you calls it. There is still a spree rock type of the event of color in there!” – (Comendo Música)

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