From Rochester's City newspaper, November 8, 2006 (part of their "Best of 2006" article):

Critics' choice
Our critics sound off on the quirky, offbeat things that make our town great.

Best guitar face: The Grinders' Todd Dentico

He squints, he grimaces, his tongue wags, his eyes roll back. Yup, it's the guitar face, and The Grinders' Todd Dentico's is the best.

You see, the guitar face is a window to the musician's soul...or libido, anyway. It's been theorized that the facial contortions six-string slingers paste across their mugs on stage are not unlike those worn while in flagrantedelicto. While this may be unsettling to some of you more gentile music fans, I've always thought that the bops --- both horizontal and vertical --- are one and the same; one you do with your guitar, one you do with your lady. And though there are no pilfered Pam and Tommy-type tapes circulating the scene to support this, it's safe to say the faces of ecstasy, joy, concentration, and drunken glee that play across Todd Dentico's face while on stage bashing his Les Paul are the same as when he...well, you know. (Frank De Blase)

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From Rochester's Democrat and Chronicle newspaper (December 23, 2004):

Grinders roughhouse the music
The Grinders celebrate the release of Where the Wild Things Are Saturday at the Bug Jar.

Jeff Spevak, Staff music critic

(December 23, 2004) — "The Grinders are now completing their third release, Where the Wild Things Are, which is set for release in late 2003."

So it says on the Grinders' Web site. So here we are, late 2004, and Where the Wild Things Are is finally here. Art moves to the beat of an indifferent drummer.So too, do the Grinders, who celebrate the release of the CD Saturday at the Bug Jar. "Less Sex Pistols, more New York Dolls," lead guitarist and singer Todd Dentico says of the sound, which isn't so raw as the Grinders live. "It's more listener-friendly, I guess."Named for the famous children's book of the same title — "That's the only book I've ever read in my life," the 38-year-old postal worker says — the songs of Where the Wild Things Are are not for kids."They're all about drinking and drugs and girls," he says. "I wrote half those words when I went in the studio. I don't even read, how am I supposed to write lyrics?" Bassist John Damn Chajka and drummer/vocalist Ed Lynd are the able enablers. "Our drummer loves old German metal that no one can stand except him," Dentico says of the musical rift within the band. "They want to play the older, heavier stuff. I want people to come see us. I don't want to play Richmond's and drive people out of the bar with loud stuff."The Grinders' main influences appear to be the Sex Pistols and the closest bartender. It's always been that way for Dentico. He recalls playing a show years ago at the old Scorgie's, naked except for a small penguin covering his Jim Morrison. Waitaminute, Dentico decides: Make that a big penguin."I'm a mailman, you know what I mean?" he says. "I do this for fun." Copyright 2004 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

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The Grinders Somewhere Between Ape and Man
I propose a new faction of music be opened. The term "Nyah Nyah Rock" should be awarded to bands such as The Grinders. It is that edgy hard-pop approach to being snotty and dorky enough to start a great band and get laid a lot because of it. It is almost glam, almost trash, and somewhere between Romper Room and Night Flight. These four guys from Rochester, NY do it to ya straight ahead and with a jangle in their pocket. They landed themselves on a very appropriate label, Garage Pop, because that, in effect, is what we got here. Although there is a good amount of glitz to propel it just one notch or two beyond ... and into the realm of Nyah Nyah Rock! Ha ha. C'mon, work with me here. That brand could really make it. I mean, just give a listen to guitarist/singer Todd Dentico's voice. It's that nasal resonance with the tongue sticking out for each "Yeah" that deserves to be called something slightly infantile. Garage Pop Records. MW

From SHORT TAKES: Quick & Dirty Album Reviews:

THE GRINDERS - Somewhere Between Ape & Man
Trashy, snotty garage rock with an old school punk edge a la New York Dolls, Iggy Pop, and MC5. The singer's voice has just enough whine and attitude to sound like a cross between Alvin the Chipmunk and Johnny Rotten and the band has no shortage of basic rock riffs. Nothing new or invigorating here, yet they have some notoriety for being one of Rochester, New York's best live acts. Go figure…

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